Bug Mania

Released on March 26, 2007 by PLAY Sp. z o.o.
Bug Mania
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Bug Mania is a racing game featuring only Volkswagen Beetles. Its graphics are based on the 2 Fast Driver engine.

There are 2 playing modes: event and single race. In the event mode, the player has to race the 34 tracks available in order, unlocking them as the player beats them in first place.

In the single race mode the player can choose any of the 34 unlocked tracks and select any of the 8 unlocked cars available. The models are Standard, Cooler-Bug, Sand-Bug, Razor-Bug, Killer Bee, Cabrio Bug, Beach-Bug, Bat-Bug, with speeds ranging from 50 to 85 kph. Each car has also two color sets available to choose from.

The game is controlled with the keyboard and there are four camera angles available: two behind the car, a hood camera and a TV camera.
Available on: PC (Microsoft Windows)

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