Breath of Fire III

Breath of Fire III

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A MYSTERIOUS POWER...AN UNLIKELY HERO...A CLASSIC ADVENTURE... The lone survivor of a legendary dragon clan, a rebellious youth embarks on a great journey. One of discovery... and danger. The classic role-playing game now returns to continue the epic tales of Ryu and the dragon people. An inner power of uncertain origin matures Ryu into a warrior who ponders his purpose as he embarks on a mystical journey. What lies ahead is shrouded in mystery... yet strangely familiar. DRAGON GENE SPLICING LEGENDARY ROLEPLAYING AN EPIC 3-D ENVIRONMENT LEARN OR STEAL ADVANCE SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES POWERFUL MAGIC NOW YOU POSSESS THE POWER TO CONTROL RYU'S DESTINY.
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Tommo Inc

Release Date

September 11, 1997


PlayStation, PlayStation Portable
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