Devilman ~Devil mahjong~

Released on December 31, 2001 by O-TWO Inc.
Devilman ~Devil mahjong~
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A mahjong game with the motif of the manga "Devilman" by Go Nagai. You can play mahjong with your favorite character from the 14 main characters that appear in Devilman. The character selected by the player becomes a chibi character, and moves and talks according to "Pon", "Kan", "Ron", etc. on the screen. There are three game modes: story mode, a free battle mode, and online battle mode. Also, in story mode, a cutscene that can be seen only when you reach 1st place after the stage is recorded. Includes opening / ending songs sung by Hironobu Kageyama.
Available on: PC (Microsoft Windows)

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