Jigsaw Tetra

Jigsaw Tetra
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More than just another puzzle game. Jigsaw Tetra highlights the fun part of puzzle-solving. Jigsaw mode: Do you like solving jigsaws? Jigsaw Tetra gives you the perfect opportunity to taste that experience on your Nintendo Switch. Tetra mode: Who does not love the good old 'Tetris'-style mechanics? With “Tetra Mode”, the jigsaw is now tetra-saw! Try out Tetra to find out the perfect combination between jigsaw style and 'Tetris'-style games. Features: Up to 256 puzzle pieces. Compete with your friends in versus mode. Compete with the AI. Collect all the stars for each level. Lots of images you can choose from. Music from various genres. Exercise your brain power while having fun!
Available on: Nintendo Switch

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