WWF WrestleMania Challenge

WWF WrestleMania Challenge
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Get ready for the greatest in powerhouse action --- both in and out of the ring. Go head-to-head with either of the biggest WWF Superstars.

Can you survive the Atomic Drop, Warrior Wallop, the Hulkster Splash, the Sleeperhold and the Rude Awakening? Fight back with some classic moves of your own --- like Flying Turnbuckle Leaps, Headbutts, Elbow Smashes and more!

Choose Between:
» Singles and tag team matches (even double-teaming!)

» Incredible 3-on-3 Survivor Series® mode

»1 and 2 player head-to-head and team-play action

You can even enter the ring as "yourself" and prove to the world that there's only one true WWF Champion --- you!
Available on: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

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