Talk it Out: Handheld Game

Talk it Out: Handheld Game
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Everyone knows communication is the key to a successful relationship. So we decided to make it difficult for you! (You’re welcome.) All you need is six minutes, two players, one Nintendo Switch, half a brain, and ample room for confusion. Talk It Out is a co-operative guessing game with a twist. Pick up your Nintendo Switch, grab a friend, and start “talking”. You need to figure out what your co-player is seeing. Ask a question, get an answer. Simple enough, right? Not when your choice of questions is… less than co-operative. And the answers seem to make no sense. So choose wisely, and try to read between the lines. Because what is communication without interpretation? Bound to fail, that’s what! We should probably mention you’re on a timer, too. No pressure.
Available on: Nintendo Switch

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