Gran Turismo 2

Released on December 11, 1999 by Polyphony Digital
Gran Turismo 2
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Gran Turismo 2 is a racing game for the Sony PlayStation and the sequel to Gran Turismo. The game uses two different modes: Arcade Mode and Gran Turismo Mode. In the arcade mode, the player can freely choose vehicles they wish to use, and can enable damage. However, the Gran Turismo Mode requires the player to earn driver's licenses, pay for vehicles, and earn trophies in order to unlock new courses. Gran Turismo 2 features nearly 650 automobiles and 27 racing tracks, including rally tracks. Compared with Gran Turismo, the gameplay, physics and graphics are very similar. The major changes are the vastly expanded number of cars, tracks and races in simulation mode. Other differences include that the player can race events separately, if they don't want to enter the whole tournament. The player is no longer able to "qualify" for each race entered.
Available on: PlayStation

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