Vampire Killer

Released on October 30, 1986 by Konami
Vampire Killer
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Vampire Killer is a side-view flick-screen game where you are a Vampire hunter who has been tasked to remove Dracula from the 12th floor of a block of flats by a client on the floor below. The problem is, as well as facing and killing a vampire, the job has to be completed before midnight which is only eight minutes away. In your rush to get to the building you have forgotten your equipment like garlic and stakes, which is needed to face Dracula. You have to get to the 12th floor using elevators (which have minds of their own and can take you down as well as up), and you must look behind the doors of each flat for equipment to help you. Some flats are also empty as well as flats that have scares inside you and when scared, you lose part of a shock meter and when it reaches zero then it is game over. Bats and spiders live on various floors with some blocking your route so bullets can be found in the flats to clear the way. Some doors to the flats actually are lift shafts which send you back down to the 1st floor. Before you play the game you can select your skill level from easy, medium and hard.
Available on: MSX, Virtual Console (Nintendo)

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